Kentucky Pirate Party Mission Statement
Libertatia Lodge 777

The Kentucky Pirate Party is a Progressive Egalitarian Socialist grassroots political and activism organization. We’ve decided to limit the age of members and volunteers to 18+.

The Kentucky Pirate Party are no longer affiliated with the United States Pirate Party as of February 2, 2023.

The symbolism of the legends of Robin Hood invoked heroism and the ultimate altruism; take from the rich and give to the poor. Today, Robin Hood would be smeared as a “commie”, “hippy” and “terrorist”, but the truth is a great majority of the elite stole their wealth from US to begin with, and we demand expropriations on the 1% elites, many of whom have inherited centuries of fortunes gained from colonial and imperial conquest.  Our natural resources belong to all of us and should be used to enrich the lives of our citizens.  We should have equal access to information and technology, proactive meaningful jobs and social programs that benefit society by reducing poverty and crime. Civil rights are human rights.  We Pirates stand for accountability and transparency of authority and institutions while also respecting individual autonomy and privacy while standing up for the rights of whistleblowers whose exposure of the truth helps protect our democracy. The Bluegrass Pirates respect our Bill of Rights and recognize that we are a SECULAR constitutional democratic republic. We adhere to the total separation of church and state and understand that the 1st Amendment protects freedom of AND FROM religion.

Workers’ rights are human rights.  We support strong labor unionism as the Coal Wars being part of our history. Women’s rights are human rights including reproductive choice.  Immigrant, black, indigenous, people of color and LGBTQ rights are human rights. The Kentucky Pirate Party seeks to forge a coalition alliance, stands for Peace, Liberty, Equality and Justice for all, and is a melting pot of diverse ideas seeking to create an order of like-minded free thinkers who are dedicated to saving our democracy, future, and planet. The free anarchist nation of Libertatia first must be formulated within to be manifested without. The voyage is interdimensional, and the true grassroots power comes from the bottom up; As below, so above.  Even a simulation is WILLED INTO EXISTENCE. . .