An Update On This Saturday’s Community Day Rally To Raise Awareness Of The Secretive Hiring Of Former LMPD Police Officer Myles Cosgrove In Carroll County!

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If you can, please donate towards the community! This community day family rally on Saturday, April 29th, is hosted by Destiny Kelley and Amy Jean Tyler.

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This rally is to raise awareness of the secretive hiring of former LMPD police officer Myles Cosgrove in Carroll County by Sheriff Ryan Gosser. Cosgrove was one of the police officers who shot EMT Breonna Taylor as she slept in her bed during the deadly raid at her home. Cosgrove’s was the fatal shot.

Saturday, April 29th
4pm – 7pm
March at 5:30pm

Carroll County Community

Grill – Music – Art – Rally

Carroll County Courthouse
440 Main St.
Carrollton, KY

Visit TODAY! Check your registration, verify your polling location, or register for the first time!

Call your city council and county magistrates and urge them to hold a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in Carroll County Sheriff Ryan Gosser, and then vote to remove him from office!


Similar to individual City Council votes,
Carroll County Magistrates can take a
vote and find
in Sheriff Gosser’s hiring of Myles
Cosgrove and ask that he resign.


Though holding no actual power,
Carrollton City Council (and other
Carroll County towns’ leadership) can
take a vote of
agreeing with the citizens and
requesting Ryan Gosser’s resignation.

VOTE as if your life depends on it. It does.