Join Us This Saturday At A Community Day Rally To Raise Awareness Of The Secretive Hiring Of Myles Cosgrove In Carroll County!

  • Thank you to our Outreach Directors for sending us these updates they find for us!

Please sign the petition. Myles Cosgrove has got to go!

Saturday, April 29th
4pm – 7pm
March at 5:30pm

Carroll County Community

Grill – Music – Art – Rally

Carroll County Courthouse
440 Main St.
Carrollton, KY


Hot dogs, snacks, art supplies, and voter information will be available so that you have the tools you need to make a change! We will then March at 5:30 to raise awareness of the secretive hiring of Myles Cosgrove in Carroll County!

Please continue to call, email, and voice your concerns to Sheriff Gosser and the magistrates until you are heard, and share this petition with all of your friends and family!

We will see you Saturday!


Myles Cosgrove, an officer who fired 16 shots blindly (in 3 different directions according to his termination letter), killing an innocent woman – Breonna Taylor – after a botched raid and falsified warrant were carried out; who, earlier in his career having fired 7 shots at a woman at a gas station; and having been reprimanded multiple times for his treatment of civilians by his superiors in recent years, has been hired, issued a firearm, and now patrols the streets of Carroll County, Kentucky.

By way of this petition, the citizens of Carroll County and surrounding areas, as well as those who visit and/or shop in Carroll County, agree that Myles Cosgrove is a liability, and that we have NO CONFIDENCE in Sheriff Ryan Gosser to ensure our community is safe, or to employee officers in which to protect us.

We urge county magistrates to vote NO CONFIDENCE and replace Ryan Gosser as Sheriff by way of special election.