Groomer Cops and Clergy

Predator sociopaths have always been inclined to seek out positions of power. Some of the worst actual groomers are found in law enforcement and clergy. The Catholic Church has a history of centuries of child molestation and cover up that is sadly overshadowed by its legacy of genocide and imperialism, although other fundamentalist Christian denominations are no less guilty of grooming and child abuse. Some of the other worst abusers and groomers infest our corrupt and murderous police forces. Both of these institutions are far more guilty of “grooming” than any LGBTQ+ associated community. It’s very appropriate how the people who are most vehemently smearing drag performers and LGBTQ+ as “pedophiles” are the most ardent proponents and defenders of cops and dogmatic Christian sects. Endless volumes could be written documenting instances of grooming and child abuse perpetrated police and clergy authority figures which the right-wing reactionaries are always completely silent about while they point the finger and scapegoat their political enemies. The following are just a few more recent and extreme cases.

Pedo Groomer Cops

Widely accepted research has found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of civilian families. (1) Murder by police use of fatal force has been identified as a leading cause of death in young men in the United States. (2) You’re eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist, and personally knowing and associating with law enforcement increases your likelihood of being murdered. (3) We have one of the most vicious and violent police forces on the planet, rife with internal gangs and officers convicted of rape, murder and other serious crimes are collecting tens of millions of dollars during retirement at the expense of taxpayers like Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly of the provenly notoriously corrupt Louisville PD who wasted black EMT Breonna Taylor as she slept and now enjoys harassing people online from the comfort of his home in retirement. Police are also highly abusive to each other although rarely exposed due to the adherence to the “code of silence” and incompetence of Internal Affairs. Our entire policing system is systemically corrupt, based itself on a framework rooted in slave patrols, night watches and the suppression of organized labor. In addition, the police are always becoming more militaristic through training and donation of hardware from the military industrial complex. The American police system as we know it must be abolished and replaced with localized community defense forces based on a voluntary national service corp. The current lawfare system serves mainly to protect private property and the interests of the ruling class.

Back in 2022, the horrendous case of law enforcement officer Austin Lee Edwards briefly made headlines, after he catfished an underage girl and murdered her family:

Police Officer Admitted He Raped and Assaulted More Than A Dozen Women

David Carrick raped, degraded, and threatened his victims, using his position of power as a police officer to intimidate them and prevent their coming forward:

Former Nebraska State Trooper sentenced for child pornography:

Former D.A.R.E Officer sentenced for child pornography charges:

New victim reports rape by former Utah officer as he awaits sentencing for assault:

WELLINGTON, Kan. (KAKE) – A former Sedgwick County sheriff’s deputy who spent over a year on the run overseas has been sentenced to more than 27 years in prison for child solicitation.

Former Sioux Falls police officer pleads guilty to 2 counts of child porn:

Clergy Groomers

Of even greater power and authority than the system of law enforcement and ripe for abuse are our organized religious institutions, deeply entrenched within the ruling class elite of society. The well documented span of abuse and cover up by the Catholic Church is no secret. Most enraging are the recent revelations of mass murder and ongoing genocide of Native Americans at the hands of the Catholic Church in both the U.S and Canada where mass graves of children have been unearthed in numerous boarding schools where forced assimilation, indoctrination, and sexual abuse was committed as late as the 1970s. Some of these institutions were also Baptist, although mostly sanctioned by the Catholic Church.

Abuse and grooming in Churches and religious organizations is commonplace, and like with the police, far more regular of an occurrence than in any LGBTQ+ communities:

Chalmette pastor faces new child sex abuse charge for second victim:

Milton O. Martin III surrendered to authorities a second time on April 5 and was booked for indecent behavior with juveniles:

A Church daycare employee & daughter of a Tennessee sheriff, has been charged with aggravated child abuse. A toddler that was in her care suffered “serious bodily injury.” She is Montgomery County Sheriff’s daughter, Sarah Jo Fuson:

Rajnal Rehmat, a former Catholic pastoral associate working at parishes in DeForest and East Bristol, pleaded guilty to 1 count of child enticement & has been sentenced to 2 yrs in prison.

Michael Sasser, 40, co-leader of the student ministry at Redeemer Church in Modesto, California, has been charged w forcible sexual penetration, continual sexual abuse of a child & lewd & lascivious acts w a child.

These instances are merely a very brief and recent delve into the depravity of the abuses at the hands of clergy and law enforcement, which is far worse than anything they accuse LGBTQ+ people of. Nazis and fascists always have resorted to accusing all their political opponents of being “pedophiles” and “groomers.” It is the ultimate projection of the bootlicker to accuse others of what they themselves are most guilty of. It is the far-right Christian nationalists fanatics who support child marriage as biblically sanctioned, are champions of child labor and want to abolish the age of consent and minimum wage. It is the reich wing lunatics who are obsessed with children’s genitalia and trans pornography. It’s these same bigoted zealots infatuated with the imposition of purity and morality who are the guiltiest of conscious, and it’s all right here out in the open, exposed like a festering infected wound.