The Civil Rights Of Many Of Louisville’s Houseless Community Were Violated By The City And The Louisville Metro Police Department Last Week – Again.

Thank you to our Outreach Directors for sending these updates in they keep finding!

Camps were raided last week without notice, the few belongings they had were stolen and thrown in the trash, and they were threatened with arrest – a familiar outreach leader was targeted and detained by LMPD without cause – all for the profit potential of ticket holders to the Sweet 16 tournament. Houseless. Human, not less.

The protest was today for the sweet 16 game, the camps were cleared all last week without notice. They put a notice up, and then came back a day or two later throwing everything away, and didn’t give them the actual legally required notice.

They recently passed an ordinance that changed it to only 7 days notice or they’d face jail time and fines. But they aren’t even following that at this point. It used to be 30 days.