Contact Your Kentucky Lawmakers TODAY To Oppose House Bill 470 Before It Makes Its Way To The Kentucky Senate! An Attack Against Any Child Is An Attack Against All Children!!

HB470 just passed in the Kentucky House. You can still make your voice heard before it makes its way to the Senate. Protect Kentucky’s trans kids! Your own kids could be next if they don’t fit into the mold the GOP prefers. Contact your lawmakers TODAY to OPPOSE HB470!! Please sign the Fairness Campaign’s form

You can use their template message as an example for future anti-LGBTQ+ bills, or use your own message:

Dear [elected official],

Please oppose House Bill 470, which would allow the state to overrule parents’ decisions to obtain certain health care services for their transgender children. Without these life-saving services, many of Kentucky’s transgender kids will experience higher rates of depression, self-harm, and ultimately suicide.

A recent Mason-Dixon poll shows 71% of Kentucky voters oppose this type of government overreach that infringes on parents’ rights. I’m one of them and I’m a constituent.

Please stand with me to protect Kentucky’s kids and oppose this harmful measure.

Thank you for your time and service to Kentucky.

[Your information here]