Call And Email Your Senators By This MONDAY, February 13th, To Save LGBTQ+ Students From Bullying And Suicide!! Tell Them To Vote NO On HB 173, HB 177, And SB 150.

Source: @PikevillePride


Spread this far and wide to every Kentuckian you know!! Please contact your Kentucky Senators and Senate leaders TODAY at 1-800-372-7181. The genocide of LGBTQ+ children continues by the GOP. Kentucky GOP wants teachers to snitch on their students too. Tell them you oppose HB 173, HB 177, and SB 150. Call and want them to vote NO on them, and email them the same message too.

The following email addresses are on the Twitter thread by @PikevillePride:

Email for EKY Senators:
Pike, Elliott, Johnson, Lawrence, Martin – Sen. Phillip Wheeler (
Bell, Floyd, Harlan, Knott, Letcher – Sen. Johnnie Turner (

Email for EKY Representatives:
Pike (part), Knott, Magoffin – Rep. John Blanton (
Bell, Harlan (part) – Rep. Adam Bowling (
Breathitt, Owsley, Perry – Rep. Chris Fugate

Harlan (part), Letcher, Pike (part) – Rep. Jacob Justice (
Johnson, Martin, Pike (part) – Rep. Bobby McCool (
Floyd, Pike (part) – Rep. Ashley Tackett-Laferty (