Get Involved And Support The 490 Project. They Focus On The Justice System In Louisville. An Organization That Came Out Of The Breewayy Movement After Breonna Taylor’s Death.

Destiny is the Kentucky Pirate Party’s newest member, and a friend of our other new member Bingo! Get involved and spread the word about The 490 Project!!

She sends this in:

Hey I’m Destiny – boots on the ground since May 2020 in Louisville, I am a mom and activist who has organized and led multiple rallies and protests – more recently having partnered with Bingo to build a progressive political education campaign across rural Kentucky.

I am a Breewayy, the family born of the Day 1 protestors in the Breonna Taylor movement, and I wear that hat proudly. Breonna Taylor has been the seed to so many progressive ideas structured to benefit the marginalized communities – Chalk It Up, The Hope Village, Therapists for Protestor Wellness, and so many more – they are all amazing outreach organizations founded by my friends.

Of these new organizations, the 490 Project focuses solely on the Justice system in Louisville – from the jail, to the Fraternal Order of Police, and every meeting with the city council – 490 Project keeps pressure on their necks. Currently they are petitioning for public oversight of FOP contract negotiations with the City of Louisville, and I would love to encourage support of their Project, along with so many others.

Outreach is my passion – but my riot bag has wear. I’ll always stand for what I believe in (but sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble!)