Bring Your Signs And Megaphones This Tuesday, November 15th, 10am – 12pm, To The Kentucky Supreme Court To Protest Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron Who’s Trying To Override Amendment 2!

Our newest Kentucky Pirate Party member Bingo, who’s also @revoltnrebel2 on TikTok, is calling for supporters to show up this Tuesday to protest Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron who’s trying to override Amendment 2. Kentuckians voted NO on Amendment 2 on election day. What Cameron wants would amend the state constitution to say it does not include the right to abortion.

“Trying to get as many people as possible to show up Tuesday 11-15-22 at 10AM (or sooner) at Frankfort/KY State Supreme Court to protest Attorney General Dan Cameron filing a motion at 10AM that day to basically override Kentuckian peoples clear vote of defeating Amendment 2 (the abortion amendment they wanted on the ballot), and pass that dumb amendment anyway.”