ELECTION NIGHT RESULTS: Ethan Osborne Gets 4% With 10,111 Of The Votes!! A HUGE Win For United States Pirates And Third-Party Candidates!!

Ethan Osborne, who’s the Captain of the Kentucky Pirate Party, will be writing a more detailed thank you speech and journal soon and thanking everyone who has helped him throughout his campaign for Congress. What follows is from me, Mariah-Lynne, who’s the Secretary of the Kentucky Pirate Party. I also manage this website and the Party’s Twitter account.

The Associated Press‘ (Google’s front page) results still show 99% of the ballots have been counted. I’ve been waiting for it to show 100% since Tuesday but it hasn’t. There are races still not called across the country because mail-in ballots, early drop off and absentee ballots haven’t been counted. When a full total comes in, I will update this and let you all know.

The Kentucky Pirate Party would like to say THANK YOU to the following people and organizations for all their help and support:

A very special THANK YOU to Virgil Crow who started off the campaign by creating Ethan’s campaign website oz2022.us!! They have been close friends for many years.

Kentucky Pirate Party’s former and current members and volunteers.

The United States Pirate Party, including their board members: Chair Anthony Jay, Swarmcare Manager Mitch Davilo, Secretary Rose Klein, Auditor James O’Keefe, Treasurer Joseph Onoroski, Director of Public Relations Brianna Coyle, and the members of their Discord.

The United States Pirate Party’s state Parties and members, and international Pirate Parties and their members.

Michael T. Richards who has written for our website and has been a friend to Ethan.

Kentucky Green Party representative Nathaniel A. Gregory for his support.

Daniel Hurley for his technical help and support.

Campaign canvassers.

Russ Gifford, and Dylan and Amelia, from the Northern Kentucky University’s Young Democratic Socialists Of America, for canvassing, and organizing the town hall / meet and greet at Northern Kentucky University.

Bingo who goes by the name @revoltnrebel2 on her TikTok.

Podcasters and streamers.


2022 Third Party Summit.

And over 10,000 Kentuckians who voted!! We wouldn’t have done it without you and we’re grateful!!

Over 10,000 votes is such a HUGE accomplishment for a United States Pirate! Before Ethan, there was former United States Pirate Party Chair Joseph Thomas Klein who ran locally in Wisconsin years ago receiving 6% of the vote with over 7,800 votes.

There are so many more of you to thank!! Ethan will be writing a more detailed account of his own experience.

The results from the November 8th Kentucky midterm election:


Thomas Massie (R)

Matthew Lehman (D)

Ethan Osborne (I)


Rand Paul (R)

Charles Booker (D)

Kentuckians came out voting NO on both Amendments!! No on Amendment 1 was a win for Governor Beshear. And voting NO on Amendment 2 was a win for reproductive rights!! Abortion remains banned but Tuesday’s victory allows Kentucky’s ACLU to continue the legal fight to restore access. They argue before the Kentucky Supreme Court next week seeking a temporary injunction that would restore access.


Kentucky Amendment 1:

Revises rules for calling special legislative sessions.

Amends the Kentucky Constitution to allow the General Assembly to call itself into a special session. Currently, only the Governor can call a special legislative session. The measure also changes the effective date of new laws.



Kentucky Amendment 2:

Amends the state constitution to say it does not include the right to abortion.

Amends the Kentucky Constitution to state that it does not provide the right to abortion or require funding of abortion.