Reich Wing Continues To Show Up To Intimidate Protestors And Voters Nationwide

We’re sharing with you what our newest Kentucky Pirate Party member Bingo went through after attending a protest. We recently started featuring Bingo’s videos who goes by the name @revoltnrebel2 on TikTok.

Across the country, right wing fanatics: fascists, neo-Nazis, and militia nutjobs are trying to flex on voters and protestors to intimidate them at both pro-choice rallies and ballot drop boxes. These whackos believe they are “patriots” but in fact they are just nationalist autocrats who want to see an authoritarian Christian theocracy implemented in the United States.

On October 1st, a Kentucky Pirate Party member, Bingo, attended a counter protest against a far-right fanatical religious group called “Yes for Life.” These “pro life” extremists don’t care about human life. Their agenda is patriarchy and the domination of women. Their goal is to impose their fundamentalist interpretation of anachronistic and antiquated scriptures upon the masses, and their current effort is to enact Amendment 2, in combination with KRS 311.772, the “Trigger Law”, denying the right to abortion in all cases including rape, incest and pregnancy complications endangering the life of the mother or child. They believe life begins at conception and also want to ban contraception.

Additionally, the suggested Amendment 2 and all anti-choice statutes hinder the freedom, liberty and privacy of individuals and families to make crucial and timely decisions with physicians without government interference. We Bluegrass Pirates vehemently support reproductive rights and support free abortion on demand without apology and the making available of free and easy access to contraception as well.

It wasn’t long before a militarized truck showed up brandishing brazen neo-nazi symbolism in a move of intimidation in clear display of what their motives really are:

Counter protesters immediately called out the “Yes for Life” crowd on their Neo-nazis symbols of hate and chanted “Pro-life is a lie, you don’t care if people die!” The “Yes for Life” crowd seemed smug about the truck until the media showed up, when they placed one of their zealots, Sandy Holzwarth in front of the German flag sticker, and tried to place their drinks in front of the other stickers to cover up the hate symbols.

Sandy Holzwarth is affiliated with the ultra-rightist Catholic “Culture of Life” sect of the Knights of Columbus ( whose sworn oath is the destruction of the secular democracy guaranteed by the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights. They are allied with religious cults such as Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s draconian cult “People of Praise.” At times in the past adversarial with southern evangelical fire and brimstone Baptists, Dominionists, and other Christian extremists, they are finding common ground and forming alliances with an endgame to destroy secular democracy and impose their own twisted vision of Christian nationalism upon the US and governments worldwide.

“Yes for Life” cultists praying the rosaries for a Handmaid’s Tale style future.

Voter intimidation is nothing new. Throughout the nation’s history, terrorist groups like the KKK would show up to the polls to intimidate voters of color and even police have been utilized for similar tactics. Camouflage clad “Gravy Seal” wanna be militia members were seen leering at polling stations from Kentucky to California in both the 2016 and 2020 elections. This year is no different.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, vigilante rightist “poll watchers” have been attempting to intimidate voters by conducting surveillance of ballot drop boxes. They are sometimes heavily armed, wearing body armor, and are masked. They have been observed posted up next to their cars with their license plates covered up. These people think they are “patriots”, but the reality is they are cowards, bullies, and idiots. They don’t mind hiding their own identities and brandishing weapons as a show of force while they photograph citizens attempting to take part in the democratic process. They have been fed a steady diet of lies from fascists traitors like Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Mike Pillow Guy, and the MAGA cult commander himself Donald Trump; tactics straight out of Hitlers playbook of constantly repeating lies over and over until their followers blindly believe everything they say without question. When the tables are turned on these “poll watchers”, with attempts to reveal their own identities, they have become extremely aggressive and confrontational. They are the embodiment of tyranny and hypocrisy and are horrifying examples of democracy in decay.

These “Poll Watchers” kinda look familiar?

Know Your Enemies: Just like Proud Boys sport black and yellow.
Blue, White, and Khaki: Those are Patriot Front’s colors.

These “Pro Life” theocrat Christian nationalists and the “poll watchers” are all part of the same movement. Their aim is dominance, intimidation and exerting their will upon anyone who disagrees with them, using the tactics of intimidation, terror and violence. They are enemies of logic, reason, equality, justice and freedom, and they must be resisted. They must be defeated. They are an extension of an international fascist movement with a nationalist bloodlust, and the liberty of not only our country, but the entire planet is at stake.