Donate Leftover Halloween And Thanksgiving Pumpkins To Local Farms And Zoos To Feed Their Animals!

I read this article at about a great project called It’s a website that connects local farmers with the community in several states, encouraging people to donate their Halloween and Thanksgiving pumpkins and more. It’s an opportunity for people to bring produce, pumpkins, tomatoes, apples, whatever extras there is, and they can bring it to a farm that will be fed to the animals.

Go to to see if your state is listed, and to see what other donations each farm accepts such as pumpkins, gourds, Christmas trees, hay, straw, fruits and vegetables. They accept non-food items for their animals too such as kiddie pools and blankets. They have a page for Kentucky you can check to see if the farms are near you.

Why not contact your local zoos too to see if they accept pumpkin donations for their animals!