Voting No to “Mr. No” Massie

Thank you to @revoltnrebel2 for making this TikTok video. We came across their work tonight. It also features me from a week ago after attending the town hall meeting organized by Northern Kentucky University’s Young Democratic Socialists Of America.

The following is a TikTok video we found featuring both of Thomas Massie’s opponents – myself and Mathew Lehman blasting him. Particularly the video is captioned to “Vote Osborne” and further elaborates on Massie’s smug arrogance and cowardice in refusing to debate his opponents, and continuously skipping public appearance events. Massie has never held a town hall and is a John Birch Society theocrat who panders to racists and rich elitists while he guzzles corporate dark money. Vote No on “Mr No” because he is a useless do nothing fear mongering politician.