Please Join Ethan Osborne This Friday, October 21st, From 1-2pm, As Northern Kentucky University’s Young Democratic Socialists Of America Organize A Town Hall / Meet And Greet For Him.

From Ethan Osborne, the Captain of the Kentucky Pirate Party, who’s running as the Independent candidate for US House of Representatives KY-4:

Greetings friends! The crucial 2022 midterms are fast approaching. I am an Independent candidate for US House of Representatives KY-4, and with the help of the NKUYDSA, I have secured a slot to deliver a speech and hold a town hall meeting. Although I am on the ballot as an Independent, I am a member of the DSA, Pirate Party, Working Families Party and many other Progressive, left and Independent orgs seeking to form a coalition against the monopoly of the two party political duopoly dominating US politics. I need your solidarity and hope to see you there!