A Wrap-Up From The October 9th Meet And Greet. Please Join Ethan Osborne This Saturday, October 15th, At His Next Meet And Greet At The Trimble County Public Library.

last Sunday’s meet and greet

From Ethan Osborne, the Captain of the Kentucky Pirate Party:

This Saturday, October 15th, from 1 until 3pm, I will be attending another candidate meet and greet. This time, it will be at the Trimble County Public Library. I hope to meet as many new prospective constituents as possible and spread the message of the internationalist working class revolution that is necessary to save our planet!!!

Last Sunday I attended my first candidate meet and greet at the new Roebling Point Books & Coffee shop in Newport. I loved the coffee as they made stout macchiato and vibed with the atmosphere of the place, and recommend it as a great chill spot. Most everyone in attendance were democratic candidates for local county and state offices, but I did get the chance to finally meet my democratic opponent for US House of Representatives KY-4: Mr. Matthew Lehman and his family. As an independent egalitarian socialist, and political pirate, there is much we disagree on. I believe those who control the top levels of both the Democratic and Republican parties are completely corrupt, and we need a peaceful purge of the crony crooked career politicians at the top levels of both parties. All of these decaying institutions need deep systemic reform.

However, I can say that I believe Mr. Lehman is a nice guy, and despite our differences, at least he is not afraid to show his face in public, unlike our mutual political enemy, GOP fascist Thomas Massie. Representative Massie is too much of a coward to ever appear anywhere that is not a VIP country club, golf course resort, or highly fortified establishment venue where anyone who isn’t pre-handpicked with scripted questions or there to lavish bogus praise is granted access. This exemplifies Tommy’s hideaway bunker safe space mentality. This clown refuses to even debate his political opponents, which has become a common theme of the GOP it seems these days. It seems to be a combination of holier than thou arrogance: a notion that “I’m too elite and above you to even dignify you with discourse”, and just sheer cowardice.

Well Mr. Mayonnaise Milk Massie, I’ll gladly disclose to you every time from here until election day when I’m available to debate you. I’d really love to hear your explanations for supporting terrorist Reich Wing orgs like the John Birch Society, who were instrumental in attempts to assassinate JFK, to your support for the outright theocratic Council for National Policy. I’d love to ask you about all the dark money that is dumped into your campaign by fossil fuel and big coal, as well as weapons manufacturers, while at the same time you pretend to be antiwar. The fact is, you don’t care about human life, you only care about “saving money” because money is your real true god.