Are You Registered To Vote? Voter Registration Deadline For The November 8th Election Is October 11th. Keep Reproductive Rights In Kentucky Legal, And Vote NO On 2!

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Vote Thomas Massie and Rand Paul out of office! Vote for Ethan Osborne, the Captain of the Kentucky Pirate Party, who’s running against Thomas Massie as an Independent for US House of Representatives, KY-04. Vote for Charles Booker who’s running against Rand Paul for US Senate.

The voter registration deadline is October 11th, 4:00pm Kentucky time. Register to vote online at Make sure your voice is heard on November 8th!

Keep reproductive rights safe and legal in Kentucky! If this initiative passes, we will see our constitutional rights eroded before our very eyes.

Protect Kentucky Access is a collection of non-profit and community organizations across the Commonwealth that are coming together for the purpose of stopping and defeating the ballot initiative in Kentucky that seeks to end the right to an abortion.

Their Priorities:

  • Defeat the constitutional amendment
  • Create an environment where Kentuckians feel safe to speak about abortion and reproductive health
  • Build a strong movement of Kentuckians to defend reproductive freedom

Reproductive rights are a class of human rights associated with reproductive health and autonomy. The Center for Reproductive Rights works to protect and advance abortion rights around the world by removing restrictive laws and policies, promoting measures to improve access to safe and legal abortion, and countering efforts to undermine access to abortion care.

More from The Center for Reproductive Rights:

Human rights bodies and courts worldwide recognize that abortion care is essential health care and a critical aspect of women and girls’ fundamental human rights. Everyone has the right to accessible, high-quality abortion care and no one should be criminalized for seeking or accessing abortion services. In recent decades, nearly 60 countries have liberalized their abortion laws, recognizing the importance of reproductive autonomy in women’s lives.

From #Stop2 #ProtectKYAccess:

This is a critical time in Kentucky when it comes to protecting our constitutional rights. We cannot allow Frankfort politicians and special interests to edit our constitution.

Politicians in Frankfort have been relentless in their efforts to interfere in the personal healthcare decisions of Kentuckians. We have the final say on November 8th. Say NO to government control. Vote NO on November 8th.