Meeting New Members And Representatives

Ethan Osborne, Daniel Hurley, and Nathaniel A. Gregory

You can find me on Twitter at @OZ2022US, the Kentucky Pirate Party at @KYPirateParty, Daniel at @Dreinoc, and Nathaniel at @Faithslayer202.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting new Bluegrass Pirate member Daniel Hurley, and Kentucky Green Party representative Nathaniel A. Gregory. We met at the local library (the bastion of the triumph of public works and a public good: a socialist cause that I so passionately champion as a top tier tenant of my own platform) and it is my joy to also welcome them aboard my congressional campaign. Forging alliances and coalitions against the establishment is not only crucial regarding our efforts of direct action, but also our struggle against the ruling class establishment control of electoral politics. Standing for working class solidarity against the elite bourgeois is our prime objective in defeating this decaying system of unchecked, unfettered capitalist decadency. We all come from different identities and backgrounds, but we are all in this together: diversity without division. We demand horizontalist rank and file democratization of the workplace, society, and government. Together we must stand in unity to defeat the capitalist monopolists who control our planet. Join us!