We Have New Campaign Flyers!

Our Captain Ethan Osborne of the Kentucky Pirate Party printed out these new campaign flyers! He printed them both, and then combined them double sided in a copy machine. Below is the text for those two parts. First is the front of the flyer, and second is the other side of the flyer. Ethan will be receiving new yard signs soon too!! If you would like to donate to the Ethan Osborne For Congress campaign, who’s the Independent candidate for US House Of Representatives KY-4, he would greatly appreciate it and thanks you for the help!! You can donate at https://form.jotform.com/221088165977164.



The pirates of the 18th Century lived in a legendary era known as “The Golden Age of Piracy”. It was during this time that a group of underclass peasants revolted both against their detestable working conditions nearly a century before the labor rights movement, but also against the same imperialist tyrants that the founders of the United States would later rebel against, almost 50 years before the American Revolutionary War of Independence.

And over a century before the Civil War, these pirates were some of the most militant and radical slavery abolitionists. They accepted both runway slaves and free Africans on their ships and had multi-ethnic crews during a time when the idea of equality was unimaginable and illegal.

In the spirit of revolt against common oppressors: kings, rich business tycoons and authoritarian religious zealotry, an order of “pirate democracy” was born; an unprecedented counter-culture, created by common workers, slaves and outcasts. Revolutionaries.

This order of pirates limited the powers of the captain, practiced voting, had collective ownership of their vessels, and applied some forms of wealth redistribution amongst their crews. These pirates could be labeled marauders, but the truth is the crown, cross and business barons they resisted and revolted against were the true plunderers of the planet, the imperialist colonialist despots, and their class of elite merchant enforcers. The pirate revolts were a form of expropriation of the fortunes of the 1% ruling class elites because their wealth was illegitimate being itself stolen and strongarmed through the subjugation of their own societies and tyrannical ambitions of global conquest at the expense of poor and native peoples.


This order of pirates even formed free democratic colonies long before the establishment of the United States, and it was these fraternal outlaws who first set decolonization in motion. Although this order of pirates was eventually defeated and driven into secrecy, it is said that their endeavors helped inspire the many uprisings for independence in the Americas against the colonial powers, the tyranny of the royal elite.

The spirit of their free colony of Libertatia lives on in our hearts, and the essence of their dreams for Liberty, Equality and Justice continue today manifesting within the Pirate Party.

The Pirate Party is an international movement existing in many countries dedicated to the resistance of tyranny and exposing corruption worldwide. We advocate for government transparency, individual privacy, and civil liberties. We are anti-war and believe that equal and adequate access to the necessities of life: healthy food, clean water, dignified shelter, meaningful, just, fair and organized labor, uncensored technology, and information, and healthcare are basic and fundamental human rights.

In chess, it is the pawn that is the most powerful piece. It has strength in numbers although often sacrificed, but it is also the only piece that can move across the battlefield and transform into any other power piece. We are pawns, and we are the pillars of power; the people, with the potential and destiny to become our own rulers. Thus, we pirates are warriors for direct democracy. We are legion.

Ethan Osborne is the founder and Captain of the Kentucky Pirate Party. He is also the independent candidate on the ballot in the upcoming November midterm elections running for US House of Representatives KY-4.


The failure of our two-party duopoly has never been more obvious than it is now. The Democrats and Republicans both point the finger at each other for their disastrous leadership and actively work with corporate special interests to undermine actual progress at our expense while enriching themselves. The reality is they are both to blame for the crises that face the nation and the world and are exploiting them for profit. In this time of extreme polarization and desperation, we must unite because division leads to disintegration. Civil war is not an option, but revolution, because we are all in this together, and divided, we fall.

Ethan Osborne is a bold independent reformist candidate offering a radical alternative to an ultra-corrupt broken political system.

A former labor organizer for the AFL-CIO and currently a wildland firefighter, Ethan is running for US House of Representatives KY-4 fighting for working class solidarity!

Corporations such as Amazon and Walmart have reaped massive profits during the pandemic and the richest men in the world have amassed disgusting amounts of wealth with politicians in their pockets while ripping off the working class and throwing us their table scraps. Our toil is their luxury.

Oligarchs like Mitch McConnell who have plundered the commonwealth’s natural resources for over 40 years while Kentucky has plummeted to the 4th poorest state with the highest cancer rate in the US must be removed. Our natural resources belong to US, WE THE PEOPLE and should be publicly owned to the benefit of society not the profits of the few.

Nearly every sector of our economy: the food supply, the pharmaceutical industry, mass media, and Wall Street, are controlled by too big to fail business cartels wielding unchecked political power and wealth.

The U.S. is world’s largest oil and natural gas producer, and the monopolistic corporation’s opportunistic gouging is inflaming inflation. Their deeds should be illegal. I believe their monopolies should busted up and nationalized including PG&E and we must organize a general strike until our demands are met.


  • 0 Income tax on working class people
  • Public ownership of natural resources and utilities. Natural resources belong to everyone and should be used to fund social programs like universal healthcare, universal basic income, education and infrastructure
  • Decriminalization of cannabis, ending the failed drug war, and treating addiction as a medical, not criminal issue
  • A sensible interpretation of the 2nd amendment that includes police and military reform and restructuring
  • A Public works job guarantee
  • I support decriminalization of sex work
  • I stand for government and corporate transparency, individual privacy, am an anti-war activist and progressive civil libertarian
  • I would like to see abortions reduced by providing easily accessible free contraception for all, and I also respect women’s bodily autonomy, medical privacy and reproductive rights
  • I am a vehement secularist and understand the United States is a secular constitutional democratic republic where freedom of and from religion is guaranteed by the 1st amendment as is the total separation of church and state
  • I think there should be limits to wealth and that in its most gratuitous excess it leads to unchecked power placing people above the law. Thus, I support a maximum wage. Billionaires should not exist.