Come Watch And Ask Questions June 4th As Ethan Osborne Appears In Two Presentations At the United States Pirate Party’s ‘Pirates Reborn Conference’

The Kentucky Pirate Party Captain Ethan Osborne will appear in two presentations Saturday night beginning 7:00pm – 9:00pm Eastern Time. The Illinois Pirate Party Captain Mitch Davilo will be appearing alongside Ethan. You can watch their Day #6 Saturday night presentations streamed live on YouTube.

At 9:00pm will be a candidate forum for those running for officer positions at the United States Pirate Party. Ethan isn’t running for USPP positions this year.

You can find the full schedule at as ‘Pirates Reborn’ concludes Sunday night.

Saturday, June 4th

7pm – Pirate Submission: The Golden Age of Piracy Reborn by Ethan Osborne and Mitch Davilo

8pm – Mr. Osborne and Mr. Davilo discuss the experience of running for office as Pirates

9pm – Officer Candidate Forum